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Outline / Summary Cheadle Unite Together Reasons About Us NEWS Councillors/SMDC Wider Aims
Cheadle Unite

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2010 Spring : John Healey MP & Statements

4th April 2010

Following a local meeting arranged by Jo Lewis (Labour PPC),

Cheadle Unite were able to present a copy of the 'Cheadle

Unite' Representation to the Housing Minister John Healey.

(Pictured Right with Greg Powell from Cheadle Unite & Jo Lewis).

During the meeting, the unacceptably high housing allocation

dumped on Cheadle was detailed along with the physical

road restrictions and restricted capacity of the town.

Green issues of distance traveling and developing Green field

rural sites over Brown field sites in the City were also raised.


18th March 2010 (by post)

The Cheadle Unite Representation Acknowledgement has just been received.

It is numbered 600!

This figure probably includes representations for all of SMDC (see Gavin's email below).

A copy of the Cheadle Unite Representation is available in the info section.

16th March 2010 (by email)

Following a request to Sybil Ralphs for details of the number of representations to the addendum for Cheadle and details of the process ahead and details of the next Council Meeting, Sybil has replied to Cheadle Unite and stated that she has ''Passed our queries on to Perry Wardle for his immediate attention'.

9th March 2010 (Update)

We are still waiting for details from SMDC on the actual number of Representations received regarding the Addendum to the Core strategy and Cheadle. We have written 3 times and rang them but they haven't released any exact figures. We have however had the email response below.

4h March 2010 (by email)

'At this stage all I can say is that we have received around 400 representations. Whilst the majority of these are in relation to Cheadle, this does also include representations in respect of other areas and subjects and not all of them are objections. I am afraid I cannot be more specific at this stage until we have completed registering and summarizing them and have informed our members of the numbers.'

Gavin Clarke Planning Policy Manager Staffordshire Moorlands District Council

Background News

Included below are links to personal political views relating to housing development in Cheade, detailed only for background reference. These views are not endorsed by Cheadle Unite.

The view of Cheadle Unite is detailed in the mission statement and 'Wider Aims' section.

3rd March 2010 (Blog)

MP Bill Cash Mentions Cheadle on his Blog (Link as 8th Feb below)

11th Feb 2010 (blog)

Cllr Stephen Ellis gave out a pointed response to Bill Cash's blog. Detailed here:


8th Feb 2010 (Press)

MP Bill Cash issued a statement about the housing development in Cheadle

Bill states it should be clear SMDC won't support additional housing in Cheadle until 'the necessary infrastructure to support effective housing growth can be paid for and delivered at the right time. Plans have therefore been deferred.' ?

He mentions abolishing Regional Spatial Strategies (but there's no clarification how regional re-development and brownfield sites e.g. around the Potteries, could take priority). Bills Blog is here:


End Feb 2010 (Phone)

Jo Lewis (Labour PPC) has indicated a meeting with John Healey may take place April/May.

Early Feb 2010 (Press)

Cllr Stephen Ellis resigned as Housing Portfolio holder shortly after our last meeting.


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