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Cheadle Unite

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About us / Contact details

Cheadle Unite Committee Members:

Greg Powell (Acting Chair / Secretary)       GregPowell@dsl.pipex.com     Tel: 07596 123567

Martyn J (Committee)

Anthony Joynes (Committee)

Chris Bradbury (Committee)

David Edwards (Committee)

Clare Powell (Committee)

Nigel Kelsall (Committee)

Dave Sargeant (Committee)

Paul Keeling (Committee)

Paul Fisher (Committee)

Gill Ferguson (Committee)

You Can email Cheadle Unite with comments, support (much needed) or request to be added to the email circulation: cheadleunite@dsl.pipex.com

Or at the following address: 62 Rakeway road, Cheadle, Stafordshire, ST10 1QH

Cheadle East - one of many views under threat around Cheadle

Snow Covered Cheadle East and North East at dusk


Publicity Material (Please copy & circulate)


Cheadle Unite Action Group Meeting 10th Dec 2009

Cheadle Unite Flyer With bullet points for making a representation

SMDC are notifying residents of the 'Core Strategy Revised Submission'

Consultation is running from 12th Dec 2011 to 3rd Feb 2012.

Details wil be avaiable at Cheadle Connect / Library over that period.

We will update the NEWS section of ths website when we have more details.


Cheadle Unite Action Group Meeting 7th Jan 2010

Cheadle Unite Representation