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Cheadle Unite

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The councillors representing Cheadle  are:

Colin Pearce (Cons)  Chairman & Checkley   colin.pearce@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Julie Bull (Cons)- Cheadle NE                         julie.bull@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Ian Whitehouse (MDA) Cheadle NE               Ian.whitehouse@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Richard Alcock (Ind) Cheadle SE                     richard.alcock@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Peter Elkin (Ind) Cheadle SE                            peter.elkin@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Ron Locker Cheadle W                                    ron.locker@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Stephen Ellis (Cons) - Cheadle W                   stephen.ellis@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

Alan Banks (Cons) - Cheadle W                      alan.banks@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk

 The Full list of councillors is available here:        


You can select them by ward to identify Cheadle Councilors (West, North East & South East)

Richard Alcock & Peter Elkin have been very supportive over many years, we believe the majority if Cheadle Councillors are now on side.

Please contact our councillors and convey your opinions.

A letter to your councillor is a way to suggest how they can best serve your interests on Council