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Outline / Summary Cheadle Unite Together Reasons About Us NEWS Councillors/SMDC Wider Aims
Cheadle Unite

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2015 April: Local Candidate Statements


Richard Alcock (Independent) Cheadle South East

I’ve fought to stop large scale housing allocations in Cheadle and the surrounding area

I’m concerned about the environment and anxious to make sure the character of the town is preserved for future generations. I’m interested in conservation and the countryside. I believe politics should be kept out of the local government. We should always do the best for the town, district and it’s people.

Peter Elkin (Independent) Cheadle South East

The irrational allocations of houses, thrust upon our town by the government and directed at Cheadle has got to be stopped. All sides of Cheadle are in the throws of housing developments. I opposed a recent application to build 190 houses in Thorley Drive. Housing developments of this magnitude may well return and we must be ready to fight these off. Cheadle Unite are petitioning against the overall housing allocation of 1320 by the year 2031. They are demanding this be reduced  and I give them my full support. Cheadle could never cope with this scale of housing with the total lack of infrastructure including inadequate roads, drainage system, and shortage of school places, not to mention the destruction of our wildlife.

Dave Sargeant (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) Cheadle South East

Thank you for letter and Community Brief which I received yesterday.  

I sent you all the leaflets the Moorlands Democratic Alliance have produced showing our group support and the candidates standing who are all of the same mind.

On a personal level, can I say I found the Community Brief very informative, interesting and will find it useful as a reference document.  Whilst like yourselves, I recognise we will have some housing allocation, I am totally opposed to the reintroduction of the 500 added back in since 2010.  The other point for me is when you talk to people about infrastructure, they immediately think about highways.  Highways are a big part of it but it is also the pressure on Doctors, Dentists, Schools etc.  The good work needs to go on, if I can help in any way whether I am elected or not I will.

As it says in our leaflet I pledge my support against the over development of Cheadle.

I am 100% behind your group

Regards, Councillor Dave Sargeant

Jan Hale (Labour) Cheadle South East

Thank you for your letter dated 26th April 2015 with regard to the aims of Cheadle Unite.

I was born in Cheadle and have spent the vast majority of my life living in the town. Indeed I remember well when the Potter , Ness Grove, Majors Barn, Millers estates etc. were just green fields. We have over the many years coped with an increase in our housing and ,of course, population. I would like to say that this increase has seen our local shops and businesses used more but unfortunately this is not the case as we have increasingly become a dormitory town. I mention this as I often hear this argument for more housing in Cheadle, that is, it will bring more money into the town. In my opinion it will not. What it would bring is more car fumes. At the moment it seems they would try and build a house on a postage stamp and the National Planning Policy Framework brought in by the Conservative Liberal Coalition government in 2012 supports developers more than local communities.

You may have seen from my election literature that I am for investment in our Recreation Ground, this is for two main reasons, one, it is inadequately furnished with play equipment and two, something that rings alarm bells for me, is the talk of building on there – be it now vehemently denied by some. It does seem sometimes that the whole of Cheadle is to be concreted over. This brings to me to another concern and that is of flooding. The remaining green fields of our valley act as a soak for rainfall and take them away and it is not rocket science, just geography, that suggests our drainage system will not cope.

So, whilst acknowledging that definitely more housing needs to be built  nationally and not wanting to appear to be a NIMBY ( not in my back yard) , I agree wholeheartedly with your aims and have supported you in the past as a Cheadle resident and hope to support you in the not so far future as a District Councillor for Cheadle South East should my fellow Cheadle residents choose to elect me.

Yours faithfully,  Jan Hale

The Labour candidate for District Councillor for Cheadle South East


Ron Locker (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) Cheadle West

You have my word that Sue Walley Emma Carr AND Ian Plant are in full support of your and mine Action against this travesty that the conservative administration of the SMDC have dumped on our town. All who are standing for Cheadle Town Council for the MDA Live or have a business in our town.

 You are assured of our support at all times.


Ray Wood (Moorlands Democratic Alliance ) Cheadle West

As always I will continue to support you and other action groups against excessive housing allocations in Cheadle.
Yours sincerely, Ray Wood

Gary Bentley (Moorlands Democratic Aliance) Cheadle West

Over the last four years I have done my best to represent our community on the many planning applications which have gone through the Town Council.  I can assure the community that I support the work done by Cheadle Unite.  Not only on the size of out housing allocation, but also the infrastructure that needs to be put in place

Ian Plant (Moorlands Democratic Alliance ) Cheadle West / Cheadle North East

Ian Plant states in his message on the MDA literature " we need to stop the over development of housing that the Conservatives are proposing at the district"  MDA prospective candidate's Gary Bentley and Kieran Devine also speak out against large housing developments.


Pete & Tom Wilkinson (UKIP) Cheadle North East

Protect our green spaces by directing new housing and business developments to brownfield sites. Stop preferential treatment to special groups such as travellers - rules should apply equally to us all.  Reduce the pressure on housing by ending open door immigration. Oppose the Bedroom Tax but provide incentives to re-use empty homes. We need infrastructre changes before more houses are built. Cheadle should decide where houses and buisnesses go not leek.

Nicola Day (Moorlands Democratic Aliance) Cheadle North East

As a resident and business owner of Cheadle, i recognize the impact 1320 new properties to the area would have.  Our infrastructure could not cope, whether it be Highways, Doctors, Dentists or Schools etc.  Whether elected or not I will support Cheadle Unite.

  1320 Houses/Dwellings Still Planned for Cheadle    250 Houses In Cheadle North East       Brookhouses Development already approved  

  26%+ Swell in Our Population Planned in 12 years   441 In Urban Sites Around Cheadle    200 Properties on Small Urban Extensions

  More Traffic/Pollution. Services stretched                  124 Builds Already Completed              86+ Developments already agreed

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