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Outline / Summary Cheadle Unite Together Reasons About Us NEWS Councillors/SMDC Wider Aims
Cheadle Unite

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2010 April: Local Development Framework

28th April 2010 (discussion)

Cheadle Unite Members conveyed to Christine Tinker - Lib Dem PPC (while she was out canvasing), our

housing issues (as statement to LDF below). Christine indicated she agreed with the aims of Cheadle Unite.

26th April 2010 (Next LDF)

The next public Local Development Framework (LDF) meeting by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council is June 10th at 6:30PM at Moorland House. We believe the public can attend and would suggest residents consider being present at the meeting.

20th April 2010 (email)

Cheadle Unite,

I refer to your earlier email and can now confirm that we received 785 valid representations to the Addendum from 411 respondents between 7 December 2009 and 22 January 2010. A further 31 representations were received after the 22nd January and it is recommended that these are accepted as duly made and forwarded to the Inspector to be considered alongside all of the duly made representations.

Areas 6 and 7 received a total of 311 representations, of which 286 were objections.

Regards, Senior Planning Officer (Forward Plans)

Note The addendum covered all of SMDC Inc Cheadle, Leek and Biddulph. Cheadle received a very significant percentage of the representations.

15th April 2010 Update on LDF Meeting

We have had limited feedback from this LDF meeting, but indications are that there was little mention was made of development in Cheadle East at that meeting. SMDC were aware of the significant numbers of representations received (details above).

11th April 2010 Statement for LDF Meeting (statement)

Local residents informed Cheadle Unite that there was a SMDC Local Development Framework (LDF) meeting being held on the 14th of April. Cllr Richard Alcock offered to pass on a Statement from Cheadle Unite at the meeting. The following statement was agreed by the committee and passed on to Richard:

Housing proposals for Cheadle statement to SMDC LDF Meeting 14th April 2010

The Core Strategy and housing allocation for Cheadle

Cheadle is a historic unspoiled market town, with a restricted road network, expansion capability and limited brown field sites. Cheadle residents Look to SMDC to protect the heritage, historical landmarks and agricultural land containing vital wildlife habitats around the town, a gateway to rural England and local outdoor escape for the region.

The allocation of up to 1500 houses over the 2010-2026 Period represents around 25% expansion of the town.

Cheadle Residents would like to convey to SMDC that this level is far too high and damaging to the emerging identity of the town. The roads are already heavily congested and cannot take significant additional traffic from new housing. Job prospects for 3000 additional residents are poor. Distance travel to cities is un-environmentally friendly and unsustainable in the long term. This level of expansion is likely to be socially and economically damaging to the town and cause a reduced quality of life through congestion and unemployment.

The Addendum - Cheadle East

Regarding the proposed addendum Cheadle East development: Cheadle East Scores 18 in the 'Sustainability Appraisal Dec 2009' against 25 for Mobberley. Further the 'Report to Development Framework Working Party Document 14th Oct 09 Review of broad locations section 7.7 states 'In the case of Cheadle it is considered that there is no clear alternative approach which would better meet the needs of the town than the approach proposed in the submission Core Strategy involving the south west urban extension and the associated link road'

Residents of Cheadle are outraged at the proposed reallocation of properties to areas assessed not in the best interest of the town and by the abandonment of any road improvements that would be needed for any such development. We are also outraged at the use of green field sites with poor minor ‘B’ road access through the town. Representations to the Core Strategy addendum (M28) detail the concerns of many residents.


The ‘Big Debate’ survey for SMDC Polled Staffordshire Moorlands residents who overwhelmingly opposed significant development in Cheadle. As our elected Councillors’, Please focus on re-assessing the allocation numbers, where houses are built and work within the region to promote development of brown field sites over valuable green fields and agricultural land.


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