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Outline / Summary Cheadle Unite Together Reasons About Us NEWS Councillors/SMDC Wider Aims
Cheadle Unite

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2015 May: General Election Parliamentary Candidate Statements

(Known Local Candidates supporting Cheadle Unite detailed below)


Dear Sir Bill Cash(Con), Andrew Illsley (UKIP) , Sam Hale (Lab), Martin Lewis (LibDem) & Wenslie Naylon (Green)

Cheadle Unite Together is a collection of action groups around Cheadle, opposed to excessive housing development of our small town, with many Greenfield, agricultural and recreational sites under constant  threat of housing development, while our neighbouring City;  Stoke-on-Trent has very many Brownfield Sites that are boarded up and laid  waste in need of regeneration (Images of just a few are here).

We do not have an infrastructure (roads, drainage doctors, school places) in Cheadle that can deal with excessive housing plans and wish to protect the identity of our town along with our growing  tourism potential and believe our local city Stoke and the Potteries should be a focus for regeneration of affordable family sized housing for hard working families where there is a history of proven infrastructure.  

Developers will not tackle Brownfield sites while easy picking Greenfield sites are an option and there is uncertainty regarding Brownfield site redevelopment.

We have produced a Community Brief which we believe is a true reflection of the situation that we face which is attached (link on the website is to the left). We would appreciate a statement from you regarding your and your party’s position relative to this  Community Brief and the situation we face in Cheadle regarding housing development.

Back in 2010 we asked you or your party to comment on the then situation and we published your responses. We  kindly ask that you make a statement ahead of the up-coming General election. Your statements will be placed on our website www.cheadleunite.co.uk and circulated via email to residents around Cheadle shortly after. You will all be given equal standing on our Website.      

In order of response (Click on the Name):

  UKIP Andrew Illsley       Labour Sam Hale      Conservative Bill Cash      LibDem Martin Lewis

A PDF version of the Community Brief is available via these Links:  A5 Form    Large Print A4

2015 May: Local Election Candidates

In case you aren’t aware there are local Town Parish and Staffordshire Moorlands District Council elections taking place at the same time as the General Election, what follows is a list of Candidates likely to support Cheadle and our aims (detailed above).

For  Cheadle District Council 7 Seats exist Cheadle West (3) Cheade NE (2)  Cheadle SE(2)

You will be given opportunity to vote for candidates in your area.

Please Note this is not a definitive list it is presented in good faith and WILL change and grow as we receive input. Read the literature of your candidates and ask them questions.

The Following are serving councillors known to pro-actively support Cheadle and the main objectives of Cheadle Unite, to protect our greenfields open areas and recreational spaces and have a long history of serving the community. A statement from each is provided via a link.


Richard Alcock (Independent)  - Cheadle South East (Statement - here)

Peter Elkin (Independent)  - Cheadle South East (Statement - here)

Ron Locker (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) - Cheadle West (Statement - here)

Other Pro-active serving Councillors outside the Cheadle Area who are challenging SMDC for the benefit of our local communities.

For Ipstones

Lynda Malyon (Moorlands Democratic Alliance)

For Cheddleton

Mahfooz Ahmad (Labour)

Harold Jennings (Moorlands Democratic Alliance)

Michael Worthington (Conservative)

We have also written to all 38 Cheadle Parish and District Council Candidates; many of them are new, asking if they support the aims of Cheadle Unite. A copy of the letter is (here).

Some have taken time to contact us and/or provide written statements.  Thank you.

The following is the full list of known candidates who support reducing housing numbers and protecting green fields and recreational spaces (grouped into the 3 voting areas around Cheadle), based on responses to our email and/or flyer literature that we have received, in addition to the serving councillors mentioned above. Statements are detailed via links after their name:


Richard Alcock (Independent)  - Cheadle South East (Statement - here)

Peter Elkin (Independent)  - Cheadle South East (Statement - here)

Neil Plant (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) - Cheadle South East (Support via phone)

Dave Sargeant (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) - Cheadle South East (Statement - here)

Jan Hale (Labour) - Cheadle South East (Statement - here)


Ron Locker (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) - Cheadle West (Statement - here)

Ian Plant (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) - Cheadle West (Statement - here)

Ray Wood (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) - Cheadle West (Statement - here)

Gary Bentley (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) - Cheadle West (Statement - here)

Sam Hale (Labour) - Cheadle West (Statement - here)

David Ball (Conservative) - Cheadle West (support via phone)


Pete Wilkinson (UKIP) - Cheadle North East (Flyer Statements - here)

Tom Wilkinson (UKIP) - Cheadle North East (Flyer Statements - here)

Nicola Day (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) - Cheadle North East (Statement - here)

Ian Plant (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) - Cheadle North East (Statement - here)

Emma Carr (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) - Cheadle North East (via recommendation)

Sue Walley (Moorlands Democratic Alliance) - Cheadle North East (via recommendation)

Ivor Lucas (Independent) - Cheadle North East (Support via phone)

If you are a candidate that supports our aims and you are not mentioned above,  email us at cheadleunite@dsl.pipex.com with a statement.

Note if as a councillor you support our aims and wish to have your name added, please email us cheadleunite@dsl.pipex.com.

  1320 Houses/Dwellings Still Planned for Cheadle    250 Houses In Cheadle North East       Brookhouses Development already approved  

  26%+ Swell in Our Population Planned in 12 years   441 In Urban Sites Around Cheadle    200 Properties on Small Urban Extensions

  More Traffic/Pollution. Services stretched                  124 Builds Already Completed              86+ Developments already agreed

  To receive our emails contact us at cheadleunite@dsl.pipex.com