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Cheadle Unite

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Cheadle Unite - Reasons why we exist


Representation Forms need to be filled out to highlight how as residents we view the proposed development.

Guidance notes explaining how to fill out the representation and the representation forms are both available here under the heading 'Representations':

There are also contact details on that page that should allow a request for paper copies of the forms if desireable.

The Modification Number is M28 and the proposed change: Identifying new areas 6 and 7 East Cheadle

Issues for concern over the Cheadle East development might include:

The council term ‘representation’ does place value on a fact based focus of information as the main purpose of the representation document.

SMDC have spent time and public money producing Traffic and Sustainabilty reports.

These independently produced public documents should be seen as an important element in contributing to a fact based representation to the council. Referencing these documents is a powerful argument. New views are also paramount.

It really is worth reading these documents before filling out the representation form, they highlight ways in which Cheadle East shouldn’t carry the brunt. They are buried on the SMDC website, so direct links are given below:

If your web browser doesn't take you directly to the pages above click for a page detailing the actual web addresses.

Cheadle Unite Residents have asked an ecologist to assess the wildlife impact on Cheadle East,

various areas of concern were highlighted by the ecologist at the first Cheadle Unite meeting (see info for minutes).

Mobberley (The South West) fought off development proposals, these documents highlight Cheadle East is an even less desirable option.

Please note that every member of a family has a right to fill out a representation and be counted (not just a household). Personalised representations are important.

The previous representations for Cheadle are also available here:

Summary – Look at the plans Guidance by SMDC and evidence and ask of yourself how you feel then fill out and send a Representation form as a statement about the proposals that are currently on the table, by 22n Jan

Many Residents of Cheadle are still unaware of the plans, please spread the word and support residents without internet.

If you want to know why we are here and why you should also tackle your councillor please click the ‘Councilors' link above.

Core Strategy page With the necessary Representation Document and Guidelines

Transportation Plan for Cheadle 2000 (not implemented)

Sustainability Report (Page 50 highlights Cheadle east only scores 18 versus 25 for Mobberley)

Site Appraisal 2008 (Including suitablity of areas around Cheadle)

Report to Local Development Framework Working Party (detailing Cheadle East isn't the best option - see 7.7)

Summary of 'Representations' July 2009


Consultation results (4.32 The Campaign to Protect Rural England highlight the potteries should be the focus)

Ecology (Summary of requirements to make a proper ecological assessment)