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Cheadle Unite

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Cheadle Unite - Wider Aims

Cheadle Unites Mission Statement is:

To fight the new SMDF Local Development Framework proposals for Cheadle.

To challenge Cheadle town council and SMDC to deliver an environmentally sustainable,

integrated development plan to give real benefits to Cheadle residents and business.

Environment and Infrastructure before developers profits.

Expansion and sustainability are by definition contradictory.

Residents have already engaged with local ecologists in assessing the ecological impact of development around the town.

Various pools and wildlife habitats have been identified and we want to ensure their protection.

One argument presented for expanding houses is to improve business for the town.

Is it important to realise that as a town we need to identify what Cheadle can offer and what makes Cheadle somewhere that people want to visit and bring money into for the benefit of the community? Cheadle does not have major road, or rail access. The lay of the land discourage them as does the prohibitve costs of any changes, surely our options and scale are limited?

Should we be giving developers a soft option building up to 1320 houses on green fields, promoting large housing expansion for residents who may have very poor local job prospects and have to commute in an unsustainable un environmentally friendly way on roads that cannot handle daily migration as well as the needs of existing businesses?

A larger commuter town that looses it's identity, with internet shoppers and superstore / fast food attraction likely to kill existing town business and destroy what makes Cheadle and it's surrounding areas so different?


Should we be supporting efforts already started in protecting and enhancing the identity of a small unique market town and the environment with further promotion of the Pugin Church, countryside views, rural walks, town events, proximity to the Churnet Valley it's Railway, Consall Hall, Foxfield Railway and Alton Towers spa & gardens. Where the aim is to bring money into a small town and into a community that wants to support the regeneration and reclaiming of brownfield environmentally friendly affordable housing sites around the Potteries. A source of future visitors?

Suggestions and debate are important, we need to continue putting positive ideas forward to our Councilors and SMDC.